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"Being charged with a crime can be intimidating, H. Charles Smith - Attorney At Lawchoosing an attorney doesn't have to be..."

Welcome to the Law Office of Attorney H. Charles Smith. A discreet law office with personal attention for your criminal defense needs.

Mr. Smith has 36 years of experience in the area of criminal law. This is his exclusive area of practice and he will defend everything from drug charges to death penalty cases with special emphasis on major felony cases.

Mr. Smith defends criminal charges in all courts in California, with special emphasis on the San Bernardino and Riverside County areas.

Mr. Smith has 36 years of criminal defense experience and has defended all types of criminal cases including over 40 felony trials, 20 murder trials, and 2 death penalty cases.

Attorney H. Charles Smith has been practicing criminal law in the San Bernardino and Riverside County areas since 1979, he is very familiar with the Courts, the District Attorneys, and other court personnel as well as the procedures of these individual courts. This experience enables Mr. Smith to best defend your case within the perimeters of the courts.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation and evaluation of your case. The only person who will be representing you will be Mr. H. Charles Smith. You will get who and what you paid for.

Being Charged With A Crime Can Be Intimidating
Choosing An Attorney Doesn't Have To Be...


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